We meet every Monday at 1.30pm to discuss the new developments in the fields of research relevant for GRAPPA members and affiliates. The idea is to discuss briefly, with the help of a projector, the results of ~5 interesting papers recently appeared on the arXiv, or anywhere else. Please choose one posted e.g. this week in your field and tell us about it in 5-10 minutes. Feel free to join us even if you haven't read anything.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monday, January 18

Title: The B/C and sub-Iron/Iron Cosmic ray ratios - further evidence in favor of the spiral arm diffusion model
Authors: David Benyamin, Ehud Nakar, Tsvi Piran, Nir j. Shaviv
Presenter: Daniele Gaggero

Title:The Mass-Concentration-Redshift Relation of Cold and Warm Dark Matter Halos
Authors: Aaron D. Ludlow et al.
Presenter: Richard Bartels

Title: Radio detection prospects for a bulge population of millisecond pulsars as suggested by Fermi-LAT observations of the inner Galaxy
Authors: F. Calore et al.
Presenter: Francesca Calore

Title: The Significance of the 750 GeV Fluctuation in the ATLAS Run 2 Diphoton Data
Authors: Davis, Jonathan H. and Fairbairn, Malcolm and Heal, John and Tunney, Patrick
Presenter: Christopher McCabe

Title: Improved limits on dark matter annihilation in the Sun with the 79-string IceCube detector and implications for supersymmetry
Authors: IceCube
Presenter: Hamish Silverwood

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