We meet every Monday at 1.30pm to discuss the new developments in the fields of research relevant for GRAPPA members and affiliates. The idea is to discuss briefly, with the help of a projector, the results of ~5 interesting papers recently appeared on the arXiv, or anywhere else. Please choose one posted e.g. this week in your field and tell us about it in 5-10 minutes. Feel free to join us even if you haven't read anything.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Monday, October 5

Title: A unified multi-wavelength model of galaxy formation
Authors: Cedric Lacey, Carlton Baugh, Carlos Frenk ++
Presenter: Mark Lovell

Title: Do radio mini-halos and gas heating in cool-core clusters have a common origin?
Authors: Luca Bravi, Myriam Gitti, and Gianfranco Brunetti
Presenter: Fabio Zandanel

Title: Observation of the new line at ~3.55 keV in X-ray spectra of galaxies
Authors: Dmytro Iakubovskyi
Presenter: Ralph Wijers
Title: A non-parametric method for measuring the local dark matter density
Authors:  Hamish Silverwood, Sofia Sivertsson, Pascal Steger, Justin I. Read, Gianfranco Bertone
Link: http://arxiv.org/abs/1507.08581
Presenter: Hamish Silverwood

Title: S3 symmetry and the CKM matrix
Authors: Dipankar Das, Ujjal Kumar Dey and Palash Pal
Presenter: Richard Bartels

Authors:  Peter Graham et al
Link: 1504.07551
Presenter: Christopher McCabe

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